Compared with newbuilds, renovation projects are becoming increasingly important.

The conversion of industrial buildings and conservation of historical buildings in particular prove to be the engines of economic growth in the construction and real estate industries. More than half of all non-residential renovation projects involve buildings from the 1950s and 1960s.
A great deal of instinct is required to retain the specific character on the one hand, and to bring the building envelope up to current standards on the other. Steel plays a central role in this owing to its specific strengths in terms of material properties and design options.

AB b renovatie 
The modular Jansen system offers architects and developers comprehensive solutions for the
authentic renovation, preservation or flexible conversion of old buildings. Jansen steel profiles
can be used to authentically restore a wide variety of historical façade, window and door
constructions – taking into account all the structural and safety requirements of the law and
the client.

The two renovations systems:

> Isolated Janisol Arte
> Not-isolated Art15

Matching the original intention