Steel is robust and can withstand mechanical damage. Jansen profile systems are therefore particularly suitable for all buildings frequently used by the public: in commercial and industrial buildings, in schools and hospitals, sports and leisure centres, in service centres and railway stations.

Of the materials widely used in building construction, steel has the highest modulus of elasticity, at around 210 kN/mm2. The material benefits offer new and interesting options in structural dimensioning, in fire applications, burglar-resistant constructions and in sound reduction. The
wide range of products also includes thermally insulated systems and stainless steel profiles.

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Doors, windows and façades are created using Jansen tubular steel profile systems. Industrial pre-fabrication means simple, time-saving and cost-effective manufacture. Our comprehensive range of profiles is complemented by a complete range of fittings and accessories, and by ophisticated fabrication tools. In addition to technical documentation and specialist «Janisoft» planning software, comprehensive consultancy and training is available for architects, designers and fabricators.

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