Fire-resistant systems with architectural value


The melting temperature of steel is considerably higher than that of other materials. Jansen steel window, door and façade systems are used extensively in projects because of their high aesthetic added value and safety.

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Together with Jansen, we have undergone an extensive test programme in order to develop an additional fire-resistant version for each series - including Jansen VISS Fire. This programme has grown into an extensive range of solutions. For example, we offer fire-safe compartimentalization systems with European, Belgian and Dutch certification. Here, too, fire resistance is guaranteed only with the application of the proper materials and with proper installation.

Testing alone is not sufficient where safety is concerned. Since ODS is one link in the chain of the building process, we voluntarily undergo inspections by external certification bodies, together with our specialised fabricators. This means that each step in the production process is inspected. Only by working in this manner can the required safety be provided.

In Belgium, we work in accordance with the Benor/ATG inspection brand and in the Netherlands we are KOMO certified with a product certificate from the SKG.

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Certified safety for extra certainty