Jansen VISS

Steel forms the aesthetic basis on which you can build further

With Jansen VISS, the architect or client can accommodate multiple requirements in a single façade. Acoustic requirements and stringent requirements for thermal insulation and fire resistance are easily integrated without compromising aesthetics. This is where everything comes together.

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Jansen VISS is a system of insulated frames and bars for curtain walls. This allows for the construction of widely varying façade structures, glass roofs or conservatories - both vertically and slanted - with a limited number of components.

The steel load-bearing structure exists in visible widths of 50 mm or 60 mm and at standard depths of up to 150 mm. Even larger spans can be achieved with VISS Ixtra and the façade retains its light and transparent character. With VISS Ixtra you can create large span possibilities without compromising daylight and transparency.

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High rigidity allows large span possibilities