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Sustainable and innovation


Since we only have one world, we’d like to make it a bit more beautiful.

Steel is itself a very ecologically sound product. After a long lifespan, it can be completely recycled. Furthermore, our systems are developed in such a way that unnecessary energy consumption is avoided. For example, the Jansen VISS systems can be installed completely with mechanical T-connections.

We guarantee that you can make maximum use of steel’s advantages in the design. In this, exceptionally narrow profiles are achievable that allow maximum daylight into your project. In addition to the mental comfort, this light is free and saves you the cost of artificial lighting. And there are additional energy advantages. 

Jansen façades insulate in conformance with the passive house standard and can even generate energy. We calculate the energy savings and potential yield for you. With the Janisol Arte product line, ODS supplies longer-lasting solutions that align with the cradleto- cradle principle and with the original intention, among other things. The beautiful appearance of the old days combined with the highest installation comfort and quality requirements of today.