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Thermally insulated doors in steel and stainless steel

Janisol doors
Janisol anti-finger-trap door
Janisol structural glazed doors

Janisol HI doors

Janisol windows
Janisol Primo windows
Janisol Arte windows
Janisol HI Windows

Janisol folding walls
Janisol lift-and-slide door

Thermally insulated façade systems

VISS supporting structure
VISS façades
VISS roof glazing
VISS Basic façades
VISS Basic roof glazing
VISS technical informations
VISS façade doors
VISS SG / VISS Semi SG façades
VISS RC burglar protection

Fire rated doors and partitionings

Economy 50 RS smoke-proof
Economy 60 RS smoke-proof

Economy 50 EW60
Economy 60 EW60

Janisol 2 EI30 / EW60
Janisol C4 EI60 / EI90

Assembly tools and technical data
Janisol 2 Sheet metal clad fire doors EI30

Fire rated façades
VISS Fire supporting structure
VISS Fire TVS (vertical)
VISS Fire TVS (sloping)

Steel doors and windows

Economy 50 doors
Economy 60 doors
Economy 50 windows
Standard steel profile series
Technical data

Art 15 doors and windows

Industrial sliding and folding walls

Folding and sliding doors

Installation and assembly guides

General Jansen system fabricator's recommendations
Operating and maintenance instructions

Economy 50 windows
Economy 60 RC3 doors

Folding and sliding doors

Janisol doors
Janisol RC3 doors
Janisol 2 T30 WK3 doors
Janisol windows
Janisol Primo windows
Janisol HI doors
Janisol HI windows
Janisol C4 powder coating and dry pre-treatment
Janisol C4 powder coating and wet pre-treatment

VISS supporting structure
VISS TVS (vertical)
VISS TVS (sloping)
VISS Basic
VISS Fire (vertical)
VISS Fire (sloping)

Steel weld-on hinges 550.238
Steel weld-on hinges 550.229 / 555.267 | RVS 555.226 / 555.260
Steel weld-on hinges 550.276 / 555.268 | RVS 555.227 / 555.261
3D screw-on hinges
Bimetal Economy 555.007
Bimetal Janisol 555.008