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Maintenance, Service and Guarantee

ODS guarantees the quality ofall its products and services.

As an end-user, you do business with an architect or construction company who, in turn, does business with ODS. If so desired, we can always be your fixed point of contact for maintenance, service and guarantee.

The best car brands require maintenance after a given number of kilometres. This also goes
for the very best windows, doors and façades. The vital components must be checked at
fixed intervals. This increases the lifespan of the product and prevents problems in the long

Our quality products are used extensively in both private projects and public buildings
such as schools and stations and office buildings. Each type of building fulfils a different
function and requires an appropriate type of maintenance. As a full-service partner, ODS
can take care of your concerns by drawing up a maintenance plan for you. We record
everything in this so that you are guaranteed carefree use.